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Co-Parent Adoptions

You and your children deserve to have a legally recognized family. At Glickman Turley LLP, we are committed to helping lesbian and gay couples and other non-traditional parents pursue parenthood through co-parent adoption. We are compassionate advocates who will fight for your right to adopt the children you love.

In Massachusetts, non-biological parents must petition the court to adopt the children of their spouse whether or not the same-sex couple is married. In most circumstances, your child must live in your home for more than six months before you can petition for a second parent adoption. Then, months may pass from the time the court accepts your petition to the time when you are recognized as the legal parent with all the rights and responsibilities that go with that title. Our attorneys will protect and advance your interests throughout the entire co-parent adoption process. Our comprehensive services include:

Although Massachusetts recognizes same sex marriage, the federal government does not. That means that for the purpose of securing a passport or getting social security benefits, non-biological parents must petition the court for adoption to have their relationship to their children recognized by the federal government.

When you are ready to start the Massachusetts co-parent adoption process, please call our attorneys at 617.399.7770 or contact us online.