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Zoning & Licensing

Massachusetts real estate development zoning laws are notoriously difficult and detailed, especially in Boston, Cambridge, and historic neighborhoods throughout the Commonwealth. There are many restrictions concerning building requirements, land use, and conforming to certain historic elements and preservation standards.

Zoning law and licensing issues are often prevalent when starting any kind of real estate development project or building a new business, including restaurants. We help clear the way ensuring that you have the correct zoning permits and licenses needed before you break ground or move into a new space. We continue to represent you throughout a project when issues come up or a dispute occurs. Our lawyers are confident litigators who have extensive experience with agencies, boards, and other authorities.

At Glickman Turley LLP, we will work closely with you on your application to obtain approval from local and state licensing boards. Our firm can help you resolve licensing issues you encounter, such as:

We will represent you on petitions, applications or other issues that require you to deal with or appear before any zoning board or regulatory agency. We help you resolve any licensing dispute or zoning issue that arises between you and a neighboring business or residence regarding the use or development of your property.

To meet with an attorney regarding your zoning law needs, call Glickman Turley LLP at 617.399.7770 today or contact us online.