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Criminal Defense

If you are under investigation or charged with a state or federal crime, you need to speak to an attorney who will evaluate your case and defend your interests aggressively, creatively, and with experience. Do not jeopardize your case by making incriminating statements.

We are here to help you protect and assert your rights. Call the criminal defense law firm of Glickman Turley LLP at 617.399.7770 to schedule an appointment at our Boston office.

Drug Offenses

Assault and Battery Offenses

Theft Offenses

Sex Offenses

White Collar Crimes

Other Serious Felony Cases

Motor Vehicle Crimes

Other Criminal Matters

We can also assist you with any outstanding warrants, probation violations, restraining orders, bail hearings, arraignment, pre-trial conferences, extradition, clerk magistrate and probable cause hearings.


We offer representation in all counties and all counties and all courts. We handle trials on the district and superior levels, and appeals in state and federal court.

For more about how our criminal defense legal services can help you, call the law firm of Glickman Turley LLP at 617.399.7770, or contact us online.