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LGBTQ Legal Advice Post-Trump

We Believe:
  • Trump cannot invalidate your marriage. Trump cannot overturn Obergefell v. Hodges (the 2015 U.S. Supreme Court marriage equality decision).
  • Trump cannot invalidate your adoption or parentage orders.
  • Trump could make the implementation of marriage equality by federal agencies difficult.
  • Trump could allow religion based exceptions to the provision of services.

We Advise:
  • Do not rely on a two-parent birth certificate alone – get an adoption completed.
  • Do not rely on state law for your spouse to inherit – make sure your estate planning documents are in order.
  • Make sure your child’s Social Security number record lists both parents as the child’s legal parents.
  • Get your child a passport now and make sure that State Department records list both parents as the child’s legal parents.
  • Gender marker revisions to passports should be made as quickly as possible.
  • File any contemplated immigration petition for your spouse or step-child immediately.
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Donna M. Turley has more than twenty-five years of experience representing gay men, lesbians, bisexual and transgender individuals facing the unique legal challenges of the LGBT community. Our firm is prepared to help you with all legal issues, including:

Tax issues
Partnership Agreements
Health Care Proxies
Second Parent Adoptions
Immigration and Foreign Partners
Estate Planning
Relationship Dissolution
Business Planning

Relationship Matters

Although gay and lesbian marriage has achieved recognized legal status in Massachusetts, dealing with federal and out-of-state bodies has become more complicated. Glickman LLC is committed to representing gay and lesbian couples who are pursuing marriage, relationship agreements and parenthood-- through either adoption or artificial insemination.

Healthcare and End of Life Legal Issues

Even though gay and lesbian couples could marry in nine states as of the end of 2012, these couples still face a variety of hurdles when attempting to make healthcare decisions for a partner who is experiencing physical or psychological illness. Many health care providers and insurance companies are not required to recognize a marriage between same-sex couples. We have years of experience handling these issues for couples. We have been successful in crafting healthcare proxies for GBLT couples. We also help couples decide whether marriage is right for them given concerns about spousal contributions for Medicaid.

Estate Planning

It is critical that all non-traditional couples have an estate plan in place to protect each other and their families of choice. Contact the lawyers at Glickman Turley to discuss ways to protect your loved ones.


We advise gay men and lesbians from other countries seeking to immigrate to the United States for work or to be with their partners. Immigration law experience and knowledge counts if you are trying to enter the country as a gay man or a lesbian. Contact the lawyers at Glickman LLC to help you understand your options.

Relationship Dissolution

Sadly, gay and lesbian couples are like the rest of the population in that some relationships do not last. Glickman Turley can help you navigate the treacherous waters of dissolving your legal entanglements.

Business Law, Contracts, Consumer Issues, Real Estate

The LGBT community has the same legal needs as the rest of the population, and when we have a choice, we choose professionals who understand the unique challenges we face due to homophobia. Our attorneys aggressively advocate for gay and lesbian individuals and couples in all areas of the law. Contact the lawyers at Glickman LLC for all your legal needs.