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Immigration Law

Based on a recent Court decisions, USCIS will now accept DACA applications for immigrants whose status is expiring or for immigrants whose DACA status has expired. Eligible immigrants should apply now to renew their status!

Experienced Immigration Attorneys

The immigration process administered by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service has many technical steps, and to be successful, they all need to be done properly. We work with immigrants, employees and employers to advise clients on adjustment of status, citizenship, naturalization, green cards, asylum and deportation. With over thirty years of experience, we will help you achieve your employment-based immigration goals.

Work-Based Visas and Green Cards, and Student Visas

Certain immigrants are eligible for temporary non-immigrant visas, and others are eligible for "green card" or lawful permanent residence through a U.S. employer. Our experienced lawyers represent immigrants and their employers on these business visas and employment-based "green cards."

Deportation and Removal

At Glickman Turley LLP, we represent immigrants in removal and deportation proceedings before the Immigration Court, the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA), and federal district and appellate courts. If you have overstayed or otherwise violated the terms of your visa, entered the United States without inspection or are a lawful permanent resident (green card holder) facing deportation or removal because of a criminal conviction, please call our immigration defense attorneys. We have decades of experience in both immigration and criminal law.


We represent asylum seekers from South America, Europe, Asia and Africa before the USCIS asylum office on affirmative asylum applications. We research country conditions, gather documentation and evidence, identify and contract non-expert and expert witnesses, write applicant and witness affidavits, prepare asylum applications and represent clients at the asylum interview. We also defend asylum applicants in removal proceedings and challenge denied applications before the BIA and in federal court.


We offer a personal consultation regarding your family's immigration situation. We work with you to evaluate whether you or a member of your family may qualify for a family-based visa and a "green card."

Business Immigration

At Glickman Turley LLP, our business immigration attorneys help prospective immigrants and businesses through the complex process of obtaining employment-related immigrant and non-immigrant visas. With years of experience in both immigration and business law, we can help meet your business immigration needs.

Non-immigrant/temporary visas

Treaty traders/investors (E)
Student visas (F, M)
Specialty workers and professionals (H-1B)
Seasonal and temporary employees (H-2)
Cultural exchange workers (J, Q)
Intra-company transfers and executives/managers (L)
Individuals of extraordinary ability (O)
Treaty NAFTA workers (TN)

Immigrant/permanent visas (EB visas):

First preference: executive intra-company transfers, professors, researchers and people of extraordinary ability (EB-1)
Second preference: advanced degree professionals (EB-2)
Third preference: professionals with bachelor's degrees, skilled and unskilled workers (EB-3)
Fourth preference: religious workers (EB-4)
Fifth preference: qualified investors (EB-5)

Criminal Immigration Issues

Whether you are a lawful permanent resident or a nonimmigrant visa holder, any arrest and/or conviction can seriously affect your immigrant status. If you are an immigrant facing criminal charges, it is important that you address the potential immigration consequences immediately. Our law firm is highly regarded in the legal community for its innovative solutions for immigrants entangled in the criminal system.

Glickman Turley LLP offers expert legal representation in all areas of immigration law. Call us at 617.399.7770 or fill out the attached contact us form to schedule a consultation.