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Non-Profit Corporations Law

Advice for Non-Profit Corporations in Massachusetts

At Glickman Turley LLP, we provide comprehensive representation to non-profit businesses throughout Massachusetts. Whether you would like to start a non-profit organization, need help complying with federal tax regulations, seek operation guidance for a Board of Trustees, or are considering dissolution, our non-profit business attorneys offer sound advice and creative solutions. Our clients include humane associations, religious organizations, government affiliated charities, AIDS support corporations, health care entities, fraternal associations, sports clubs, and advocacy groups.

To learn more about our legal services for non-profit businesses, call Glickman Turley LLP at 617.399.7770 or contact us online.

Non-profit Business Formation

The process of filing for state and federal non-profit status is highly technical. There are limits to the pay and benefits directors and employees may receive, tax implications, solicitation and lobbying limitations, and other critical issues that all non-profits must consider when forming their organization. We can guide you through the technical aspects of setting up a not-for-profit business and help ensure that you meet the necessary qualifications. Our services include advising start-up non-profits on the following:

The Benefits of 501(c) Status

Religious, charitable and fraternal organizations may avoid state and federal tax liability by securing 501(c) tax exempt status. 501(c) status also enables some financial donors to deduct their contributions to the non-profit organization. We can help organizations complete an application for tax exempt status which complies with Internal Revenue regulations.

Non-profit Management and Organization

After successfully creating your non-profit organization, it is critical that you adhere to the operating and filing requirements of the law. Problems associated with non-profit management commonly stem from uncertainty about how to comply with bylaws, separate Board and staff roles, draft contracts, keep records, conduct fundraising and comply with regulations. We advise non-profit businesses about:

Non-profit Dissolution

Non-profits cannot simply close their doors the way for-profit businesses can. A non-profit must work with the attorney general and the Supreme Judicial Court for permission to cease operations. In addition, the non-profit must find another charity to accept any remaining assets. Our experienced non-profit business lawyers have guided non-profits through the difficult process of terminating services.

For more information about your non-profit business, call the law firm of Glickman Turley LLP at 617.339.7770 or email us..